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Gaia Human Capital Consultants is a national, retained executive search and talent acquisition consulting practice committed to building management and professional teams for Cleantech, Renewable Energy technologies, Mission-driven and Sustainability companies.


Founded in 2006, Gaia Human Capital has completed scores of search assignments representing innovative technology clients needing a boutique executive search partner and/or talent acquisition, recruitment resource.


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    Gaia: Mother Earth in Greek Mythology

  Representative Retained Search & Talent Acquisition Assignments:

Recurrent Energy, Utility-Scale Solar Energy Developer

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner 
Corporate Talent Acquisition - multiple divisions
Engineering, Construction, Procurement, Operations (EPC) 

Proactively attract & recruit coveted, passive candidates, executing multiple searches across several tiers of the organization, in support of more than $4 Billion in project finance and over 4.3 GW of large-scale solar energy projects pipeline in development in North America.

Contract, on-site Talent Acquisition Consulting

Perdue Farms
Vice President, Sustainability

National retained executive search



True Green Capital Management – Private Equity
Head of Technology

Retained Executive Search & Talent Acquisition Consulting

Ricardo Engineering - Advanced Automotive Engineer

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Clean Energy
Senior Sales Engineer – Advanced Vehicle Technology
Senior Sales Engineer – Wind Energy
Head of Engineering – Energy Storage

National Retained Executive Search

AES Renewable Energy, Solar Energy Developer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer (interim)

National Retained Executive Search

Florida Gulf Coast University
Backe Chair & Eminent Scholar of Renewable Energy Dept

National Retained Executive Search

Integritie - U.K. Content Management Solutions (IT)
Talent Acquisition Partner

Supported the rapid growth and IT, sales and developer hiring demands of U.S. activities by recruiting U.S. team.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourced – Contract)

Eastridge Workforce Solutions – Professional Services
Director of Corporate Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Owned, executed scaleable recruitment strategies supporting the culture, growth and hiring demands of the entire company.

Contract – Onsite Talent Acquisition Consultant

Atmospheric & Environmental Research, Inc.
Head of Business Development

National Retained Executive Search

GreenStar Natural Foods Cooperative
General Manager

National Retained Executive Search

Verdant Power – Tidal Energy Manufacturer & Developer
Chief Financial Officer

Chief Engineer

National Retained Executive Search

HelioSphera – Solar Module Manufacturer
Senior Vice President, North America

National Retained Executive Search

Think21 - Waste Management
Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Retained Executive Search

Gleacher & Company - Investment Bank
Solar Energy Analyst

Retained Executive Search

EnerNOC - Smart Grid / Energy Efficiency / Demand Response
Sales Representatives

National Executive Search

The Cleantech Open - Non-profit
National Chair - Human Capital

Board of Directors
Human Resources & Talent Acquisition Consulting

New Jersey Animal Shelter Non-profit
Executive Director

Pro Bono Executive Search


"Gaia Human Capital Consultants is extremely consultative and highly execution focused, significantly well-connected and knowledgeable in all the cleantech markets"

"Technology alone will not necessarily attract world-class talent to companies, especially entrepreneurial in nature.  To compete for top-talent in a highly competitive market, a thorough and well-executed search for that talent is often the right course of action!"




Dawn E. Dzurilla

Founder & Managing Partner



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