Gaia Human Capital Partners are Executive Search specialists & pioneers in the all-Cleantech, Renewable, Clean Energy and Sustainability Industries.

Founded in 2006, Gaia Human Capital Partners provides executive search services to Cleantech industry firms and investors at various stages of development.

"Technology alone will not necessarily attract world-class talent to companies, especially entrepreneurial in nature.  Executing a thorough search for that talent is often the right course of action! 

Gaia Human Capital Partners is both consultative and highly execution focused.  And, extremely knowledgeable in all the cleantech markets"

Our clients engage us to recruit their most valuable resource - Human Capital

"The whole purpose of proactive recruitment (executive search) is to bring into consideration candidates that might not be otherwise identifiable in the market. They may not respond to an advertisement. It opens up a whole range of candidates who might not have been aware of or shown interest in your appointment." - AESC

"Where some folks are Venture Capitalists, Gaia Human Capital Consultants are Human Capitalists.  I applaud all that they stand for and all that they are doing!"

- John Geesman

Former Co-Chairman American Council On Renewable Energy,

Former California Energy Commissioner &

Keynote Speaker at Gaia Human Capital Consultants' Green Economy Leadership Conference held in 2009 at Columbia University, NYC


Gaia Human Capital Consultants Cleantech Industry Executive Search clients:

Cleantech Developers/Technology Firms:

Gaia Human Capital Consultants has successfully completed C-Level executive search assignments including, CEO's, CFO's, COO's, CTO's; as well as other senior positions including: SVP's and VP's of Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Project Management, Technology and Administration. 


“Today the best and the brightest entrepreneurs are looking at cleantech as the next chapter in their personal and professional lives. We can talk about all the macro themes, but at the end of the day the companies that we invest in really depend upon the underlying people.”

- Ira Ehrenpreis

General Partner

Technology Partners

Interview with Dawn Dzurilla, Founder & President of Gaia Human Capital Consultants:

Q. How is World-Class Leadership Talent Defined?

Ask a hundred leaders and you're likely to get at least three hundred answers. Gaia Human Capital Partners always seeks the talent and competencies that our client requires most. 

We tend to place greatest value on a person's resourcefulness, visionary passion, creativity, integrity, energy, judgment, intelligence and substantive charisma.

Q. What are most Cleantech investors looking for in a CEO & Management Team?

DD. Most often, proven visionary leaders with a demonstrated capacity for driving commercialization in energy technology companies, assembling a world-class team experienced in moving the firm through various stages of development and into the marketplace. 

Q. Within the Cleantech industry, is there enough Executive Leadership talent to meet its demand for world-class executive talent? 

DD. No. Progressive leaders are found in every industry.  As venture and private investors know all to well, there exists a finite leadership and professional talent pool within the entire cleantech industry. World-class leadership talent must often be recruited from several related and/or other industries.

Q. How does Gaia Human Capital Consultants source World-Class Leadership Talent?

DD.  Gaia is truly one of the true pioneers at the intersection of cleantech and executive search.  We are well-connected in every renewable segment and that helps!  Further, our team invest a lot time to understand our clients' industry, company and culture and work with boards to benchmark required leadership talent versus the marketplace and to establish processes that ensures a successful transition after the new executive is in place. 

Gaia commits to an exhaustive research effort up-front and throughout the entire search assignment, mirroring a client’s search needs.  Our process combines creative executive search concepts fully utilizing our vast resources and web technology to identify world-class prospects within the cleantech field and in other industries.

Gaia considers ourselves an extension of our clients' leadership team and embrace an opportunity to add value to each organization.  We continually refine our client's message while working through the process of thoroughly vetting and evaluating candidates.

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"We attract people who are interested in challenges that are meaningful, people who are interested in solving bigger problems. They are attracted by our firm's excitement, brand and by their ability to create solutions and have an opportunity to make their space and make a real difference."

- Brent Cook

Chief Executive Officer

Raser Technologies, Inc.

"It is great to be the thought leader at the intersection of Executive Search Consulting and Cleantech/Renewable Energy and Gaia Human Capital Consultants has no doubt earned that role!"

- Jonathan Flaks


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