Welcome to Gaia Human Capital Consultants!

Gaia Human Capital Consultants is an Executive Search and Talent Acquisition specialist in Technology and pioneers in the all-Cleantech, Renewable and Clean Energy Industries.

Founded in 2006, Gaia Human Capital Consultants conducts client executive search engagements on behalf of companies, private equity & venture capital firms,
search committees, non-profits and universities.

"Gaia" is Mother Earth in Greek Mythology.
Gaia Human Capital Consultants is extremely consultative and highly execution focused search firm, significantly well-connected and knowledgeable in the
technology and cleantech markets"

"Technology alone will not necessarily attract world-class talent to companies, especially entrepreneurial in nature.  To compete for top-talent in a highly competitive market, a thorough and well-executed search for that talent is often the right course of action!"



Dawn E. Dzurilla

Managing Partner




Skype: dawn.e.dzurilla